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The Whole Teacher® Guidebook

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Provides six months of opportunities for educators to prioritize their well-being in all 12 Whole Teacher categories. By using this guidebook consistently and intentionally, educators can transform what they learn into habits that have the power to enhance the fulfillment they experience in their lives and their careers. 

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Whole Teacher Makes a Difference!

The Whole Teacher program has been transformative in my school. It's easy to use with meaningful daily tasks that add up to self-discovery and peace. Thank you Lauren for the important work you are doing!

Emily C.

I am over halfway through the guide. Since it is organized into weeks, I complete the activities during full weeks so I do not miss any content days (I skip the guide on 3 or 4 day weeks). I also repeat some of them 2 weeks in a row sometimes if I really like that target area or if I missed some of the activities. I really feel that this guide has helped me lower my stress level at school and better manage my time overall. I have renewed my energy and mindset toward my job. It honestly saved my teaching career. I wanted to quit and had actively started looking for a job outside of education. I recommend it to everyone I know who was in the same place that I was earlier this year, ready to give up on the career that I used to love so much. I have renewed my love for this job but it has also helped me renew my love for myself. This book has helped me find and incorporate small moments into my day and focus on myself as a whole person, not just a teacher or a mom/wife. My physical and mental health has improved, my joy has returned, and I am inspired at work and at home.

Abby Garber

There are so many great things I could say about The Whole Teacher Weekly Wellness Guide. It is visually appealing- from the calming colors and pretty font to the meaningful graphics and tabs. When I see it on my desk or nightstand, it makes me want to dive in.
It is so obvious that the author put so much thought into the way the Wellness Guide was written and organized. It can be frustrating as a teacher to get advice from people that have never been in the classroom.. they just can’t understand what it’s actually like on a daily basis and what is really needed to help teachers. But this tool is different- the Wellness Guide was written for teachers by a teacher. Lauren knows how a “teacher brain” works and the Wellness Guide was written in that way. I love that there is a “why” for each week- it is more motivating to implement the tips when you know the benefits beforehand and exactly how it will positively impact your health and happiness. I also love that the small daily actions are simple and quick. Teachers have so much on their plate already- but I can assure you, these daily actions and prompts don’t feel like “one more thing.” They are sustainable, powerful, and easy to implement into your daily routine.
Ever since I started using the Wellness Guide, I have genuinely noticed that I am happier in all areas of my life. I’m more intentional about the way I breathe, how much water I’m drinking, how having an organized environment helps me feel better and more productive, realizing it’s okay to take time to rest.. just to name a few.
The Weekly Wellness Guide is amazing and I wish every teacher had it. Teachers- prioritize yourself and buy the guide today! And if you’re not a teacher and you stumbled upon this page, buy it for a teacher you know!! It is the perfect teacher gift. :)

Kelly S

Founder Lauren Girgash has laid out a really great plan to address the Whole Teacher in the Weekly Wellness Guide. The writing is relatable and straightforward and validating - I can tell it was written by a former teacher who understands! The exercises are simple and flexible, but powerful. Making just small shifts in perspective and habits can help tremendously. I agree wholeheartedly with the concept that there is huge value in prioritizing your own darn self to be the best you can be for your students. Put your own oxygen mask on first!! Care for the Whole Teacher. I love it.

Lindsay K.

The wellness guide has quickly become an essential part of my morning routine! From the calming colors to the easy reads, this guide is approachable, well organized, and realistic. Each exercise only takes a few minutes and each week provides you with small suggestions that you can start implementing in your life now. It’s amazing how little changes can make such a difference! Educators- this wellness guide is your daily reminder to take care of you!