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Whole Teacher Cohorts

This six-month transformative program provides a sustainable framework for educators to learn and apply simple, realistic wellness practices at school and at home. This is accomplished by three tools that equip cohort members with over 200 strategies and tools to spark inspiration and instill peace.

We offer graduate-level professional development hours through our cohorts!




Frequently asked questions

Can only teachers participate?

Anyone who works in a school environment would benefit from the program. We have had counselors, school nurses, administrators, and even superintendents participate!

What does a cohort cost?

Depends on the package you choose! Please contact us for more information.

How many can participate?

Cohorts can consist of any number of members. You could have two members or an entire staff! As long as the members are willing to hold each other accountable and promote positivity and vulnerability, they will discover growth.  

How long do cohorts last?

Cohorts typically last up to 25 weeks because that is the length of the guidebook. Depending on the start date, cohorts have split up the guidebook among members to condense the time.

Is it guaranteed that cohorts experience professional & personal growth?

Consider the phrase, “What you put in is what you get out.” The purpose of The Whole Teacher stems from doing the hard inner work to re-ignite a deep sense of passion and purpose felt in your day-to-day life, which can THEN impact your career. If you avoid putting in the hard work by skipping days, doubting strategies, or not believing in this approach, the program will have less of an impact.