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Whole Teacher® Workshops

Interactive and informative workshops explore simple strategies educators can use as fuel to prioritize their health and happiness.

Carefully crafted to...

Tailored to Your Needs

Choose the workshop series that best fits your school. Every workshop can be in-person or virtual.

Fuel Your Best Year Yet: The Whole Teacher Impact on Self, Students, & School

This workshop examines how an educator’s well-being has a ripple effect on their professional and personal life. Through this lens, participants will be introduced to The Whole Teacher outlook, establish their personal why, and learn three wellness strategies they can implement immediately.  

Our Most Powerful Muscle: Our Mind

Our mind is our most powerful muscle, and our mindset determines everything about our days--our energy, our attitude, our reactions, our tolerance, etc. This workshop examines simple mindset shifts that have the power to significantly alter our day-to-day experiences.

Nervous System Reset

It is impossible to practice patience, compassion, flexibility, and so much more, when their bodies are in survival mode. When the sympathetic nervous system is activated, our thoughts, emotions, and actions are completely dysregulated. This workshop examines how an educator's nervous system plays affects their day-to-day experiences. We explore tools and strategies to reset nervous systems consistently and intentionally.

Reignite Joy Inside and Outside the Classroom

This workshop examines what we like to call our "joy tanks." Participants will gauge how full their joy tank is currently and explore simple strategies to fill it. We will also examine the powerful effect of the negativity bias and how it impacts educators.

Inspire Resilience Through the 4 C’s

In this workshop, we examine how confidence, control, connection, and care have a direct impact on how resilient we feel professionally and personally.

A Busy Educator's Guide to Nutrition

Our afternoon classes don't deserve drained energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes we feel like we can't help it, but we CAN! Educators have an accessible tool at their hands to overcome the dreaded afternoon slump: nutrition. We will explore realistic, yet purposeful snacks and lunches for the busy educator.

Whole Teacher Toolbox

This workshop equips your educators with realistic and simple strategies to add to their "Whole Teacher Toolbox." We utilize your school's schedule to help teachers create a sustainable well-being plan.

Summer Wellness for the Relaxed Educator 

This workshop is perfect to host during the last few months of school. Educators will be equipped with realistic strategies to implement throughout the summer to ensure they completely rest and rejuvenate.

Community Workshops

When educators from local schools come together to discuss wellness, takeaways and insights can spread even further.

School workshops

There's nothing quite like engaging in-person! We make the most of our time together by prioritizing conversation, engaging in collaboration, and practicing the strategies we share together.

We offer virtual workshops as well.

Conference Workshops

Larger conference workshops allow for more diverse conversations, experiences, and insights.