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The Whole Teacher is rooted in a holistic approach which emphasizes the whole person, or in our case, The Whole Teacher. Our 12 Whole Teacher categories open educators' eyes to the wide range of factors impacting their well-being at school and home.


Some days as a teacher are hard. Other days are harder.

Given the unique physical and emotional demands of the job, it is pivotal to equip educators with tools and strategies to refuel amidst day-to-day stressors and expectations.

If we don't do this, the professional and personal demands have the power to drain joy, determination, passion, excitement, and fulfillment. What's left? Exhaustion, burnout, apathy, negativity, etc.

So what do we do about this?

Through our offerings, we empower educators to prioritize their well-being by learning strategies in all 12 Whole Teacher categories.

We value...

Empowering Educators

Educators empower students daily; it’s time to give them tangible tools to put their own health and happiness first. Think about it—it’s impossible to evoke empathy, patience, adaptability, creativity, and energy over and over again without refueling. In the modern world of education, equipping teachers with tools and strategies to do this is non-negotiable. 

The Future of Education

We believe in the future of education wholeheartedly, but to retain inspired, eager, and optimistic educators, schools (and even undergraduate programs) must offer consistent opportunities for educators to learn strategies to consistently restore their health and happiness.

We will continue to fight for what educators deserve. As we all know, there is still so much work to be done for the future of education.

The "Ripple Effect"

When educators prioritize their own well-being, classroom culture, co-worker camaraderie, and school climate are positively impacted. This powerful ripple effect can start with just one Whole Teacher.

Power of Holistic Health

The Whole Teacher explores 12 holistic health categories. Holistic health emphasizes the “whole person” or in our case, “the whole teacher.” Whole Teachers discover the wide range of factors impacting the state of our health and happiness and how to achieve a state of balance.

Personalizing the Journey

We adapt meaningful, science-backed wellness strategies to work specifically for an educator’s schedule and stressors.

Inviting Wellness Into the Classroom

We challenge educators to prioritize their well-being at school and provide ideas to involve their students and co-workers. 

Bringing Wellness Home

Nope, we’re not bringing work home! Whole Teachers learn ways to prioritize their well-being inside AND outside the classroom. 


We bring together like-minded educators across the country. The Whole Teacher is currently in 38 states and Canada.


Welcome! I am so happy you are here.

Being a teacher changed many aspects of my life—my ability to think on my feet, my compassion for others, and my confidence to think creatively, among many other things. Sometimes these changes felt empowering, while other days they felt draining. 

Teaching majority ESOL students at a Title I school, completing my Curriculum and Instruction Master's, and experiencing some personal health struggles felt overwhelming most days (to say the least). To maintain any sense of balance in my life, my health and happiness had to be a priority. I just didn't really know where to start.

So, I decided to pursue a holistic health coach certification to learn realistic ways to do this.  I started to realize that there was an urgent need for educators to get their hands on the strategies I was learning. 

I discovered ways to implement small changes into my day-to-day life. Soon enough, the job stressors weren’t impacting me in quite the same way because I was consistently refueling my health and happiness.

I felt inspired and eager to share approachable wellness strategies with educators because I lived and breathed the daily pressures. I personally understood how those stressors have the power to blur the lines between professional and personal life. But more than anything, I believed educators, like YOU, deserved a change.

In health and happiness,

Lauren Girgash